Dev panics when Lisa turns up at the shop and says she can’t stop thinking about him. Tara walks in just as Dev hurriedly tells Lisa that he’s back with Tara. Tara assumes that Lisa has come to see her and invites her for a drink. At the Rovers, Poppy is stunned when she sees the three of them together and when Tara goes to the bar she lets slip about Dev and Lisa’s secret.

Maria makes up with Tom, but when Tony approaches with his thoughts on Tom’s designs, Tom insists they won’t find a better deal. Tony is fed up with being bad-mouthed by Tom and warns him to stay away from Maria. He tells him that Maria knows he’s got a stupid crush on her and tells him to back off.

Ken has a go at Audrey for telling Peter about his affair with Martha. Audrey is unrepentant and reminds Ken he should be thinking about Deirdre rather than himself. Ted consoles Ken over losing Martha and encourages him to concentrate on his marriage.

Also, Joe collapses when he pushes himself too far; Jack is delighted when fellow pigeon fancier Connie returns one of his missing birds.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tara calmly returns to Dev and Lisa after Poppy’s revelation. Back at the flat, Tara sends Dev to get wine then confronts Lisa about sleeping with Dev. Lisa is honest about what happened and Tara throws her out. When Dev returns Tara gives him the opportunity to confess by questioning him about the night they split but, thinking he’s got away with it, he keeps his silence.

Teresa spots Eddie in his cab and has a go at him for ‘stealing’ her home. Teresa tells Eddie that he can make amends by helping her move into the shop flat. Eddie obliges when Teresa hints that he’ll get a big tip but he realises he’s been done when she gives him 10p instead of 10 pounds!

Tom is fuming about being humiliated by Tony and in a bid to get him back he tells Luke that Maria told him Tony is having Luke followed by a private detective. Luke is stunned by the revelation and is paranoid about being watched.

Also, Ken begs Peter to cut him some slack over his affair; Jack and Connie bond over pigeons and a cup of tea and Connie reveals she’s recently been widowed.