Tara humiliates Dev

Dev plans his proposal to Tara, unaware that she’s adding the finishing touches to her revenge plan. Tara realises the enormity of what she’s about to do when an excited Dev, engagement ring stashed in his pocket, appears before the crowd for the unveiling of Tara’s Victoria Court art installation. Steeling herself for the unveiling, Tara begins her speech, but she’s thrown when Dev drops to one knee to propose.

Jason plays peacemaker as he tries to get Eileen and Julie talking by arranging drinks in the Rovers. He also claims he’ll put things right between Eileen and Colin. But with Eileen’s anger showing no signs of letting up and Julie feeling the heat, it doesn’t look like he’s got an easy task ahead.

Blanche and Peter struggle to find their feet living together. Peter is getting tired of Blanche’s constant interfering and he worries about the affect it’s having on Simon and he tells Ken she’s driving him mad. Ken promises to try and sort things out with Deirdre, but it’s clear he’s dreading the prospect.

Also, Norris panics when he discovers Mary has parked the motorhome in the street and is intending to wait until he’s ready to go travelling; Luke asks Michelle on a date.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Dev waits expectantly for Tara to give him an answer and is horrified when he sees the huge poster unfurling that reveals him in all his naked glory! Dev is thoroughly humiliated, while Tara stands defiant and tells the giggling crowd about Dev bedding Lisa. Amber is devastated by her dad’s behaviour and packs her bags and moves in with Darryl and Teresa.

Eileen is not impressed when she arrives at the Rovers to discover that Jason has set her up to get her talking to Julie and she soon heads home. A drunk Paula is hanging around outside the house and not wanting any more dirty linen washed in public, Eileen pulls her inside. Eileen has a pang of sympathy for Julie and she offers to help Paula and Julie reconcile.

Peter and Luke are both determined to win over Michelle, and Ryan becomes a pawn in the game. Luke discovers that Ryan and his band are struggling for transport and he offers to lend them a van. Peter won’t be upstaged and goes all out to get Ryan tickets for a gig he wants to go to.

Also, Norris is twitchy about having the motorhome in the street; David reels Gary in with a tall tale about stealing goods to order.