It’s the day of Tara’s brain surgery, and Tara and Ollie arrive on the ward to find Mr and Mrs Lo already there. The Los can’t help fussing but Tara’s trying to stay positive. Ollie searches for Tara’s consent forms and as, Jonny feeds Tara the huge pills she needs for the op, Tara shows concern for the first time – perhaps superstitious – that she left her consent forms behind. Does it mean anything?

Jonny asks Tara if she wants to postpone, but Tara insists they carry on. As Tara spends some cherished time with Ollie, Hanssen reassures Mrs Lo there will be no problems, but then privately admits to Ollie that he can’t be sure – it’s down to luck now. As Ollie and Mrs Lo argue over who will go into surgery, Tara can’t cope and heads to the locker room, where she frantically begins writing down future appointments.

As she gives her consent, the time comes for Tara’s surgery. Ollie holds her hand as she goes under and takes some of Tara’s hair that was shaved away for safekeeping. The mood is tense as neurologist Roxanna works, and Elliot and Hanssen wait for news. As Tara wakes up Ollie speaks to her and they test her brain function – will Tara survive the risky operation?

Meanwhile, with Jake now set to play a bigger part in Malick’s life he knows there is one more thing to talk about – will Malick be able to ‘come out’ to his son?

And, arriving for her final day, Gemma is drawn into a tricky case involving a child and his teacher and wonders whether she has made the right decision about her future.