Tara’s got a dating dilemma

Tara’s keen to impress Jac and gain her backing for a research project, but Jac’s dismissive. When Tara goes to Ollie instead, he’s not best pleased to be her ‘cast off’ choice. Tara eventually pulls Ollie to one side and asks him if he’s off with her because they almost kissed.

As they agree to forget it ever happened, the air is cleared and when Tara wants to investigate the case of patient Alana, who fears she has lung cancer, Ollie covers for her so she can do some research. When Alana’s condition worsens, Jac is mystified and Ollie gives Tara her moment to shine when she comes up with a rare condition which may be the cause of the symptoms.

Tara’s suspicions are proved right and, elated by her success, she kisses Ollie, but then runs away. Ollie catches up with her and they share another awkward moment before agreeing to meet for drinks after work. However, Tara’s now gained the attention of Jac, who offers to review her research project after work. Tara bails on Ollie for the opportunity to work with Jac.

Meanwhile, Serena ploughs ahead with her plans for the modernisation of Holby as Michael struggles with the new rules. And Malick is caught in the power struggle between Serena and Ric – who’s footsteps should he follow?

Also, Tara goes for her scan with Hanssen and is relieved to get the all clear.