Tash and Chris need to find a housemate – fast!

Under pressure from Chris, Tash tries to find a third housemate so they can afford the rent on the house, but nagging her friends and neighbours into coming to live with them doesn’t work. Realising they’re not getting anywhere and that he needs some stability in his life after his split from Aidan, Chris tells Tash he’s going to move back home. Tash tries to soldier on alone but she’s thrown when dad Michael calls to let her know that the house has been sold – and the removal people will be taking his belongings into storage that night!

Stunned by Vanessa’s behaviour, Rhys assumes Lucas has put her off seeing him but Lucas denies having an influence on her. He heads back to Vanessa who soon fills him in – it was the way he exploded at Susan that’s changed her mind. Rhys realises he overreacted and apologises to Susan, who realises he’s only doing this to get back with Vanessa. Rhys then tries to explain to Vanessa, opening up a little about why he’s so sensitive on the subject of his family. Will Vanessa come round?