Tash and Michael make amends – for now…

Tash has reached a new level of maturity and is enjoying bonding with her father. But she’s continuing to be plagued by the sound of water in her ears. When Chris suggests it could stem from a distant childhood memory, she discusses the theory with Michael. Wanting to shake her off the scent, Michael is forced to lie. With Tash growing closer to the truth, it’s only a matter of time before the secret’s out.

Lucas struggles to come to a decision about the garage. Having toyed with the idea of buying it, he’s still overwhelmed with doubt. During the grand opening of Sonya’s nursery, she tries to persuade Lucas in seizing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Taking Sonya’s advice into account and after meeting a potential owner of the garage, his doubts begin to waver.

After refusing to move out of the share-house, Michelle’s annoying Jade and Kyle more than ever. Having put up with her antics for long enough, they put a new plan into action. Offering her a wad of money in the hope she’ll leave, they’re astonished when their plan fails. Vowing to stay in the household, Jade and Kyle are at wits end about how to get rid of Michelle.