With Emelia at the door, Michael tells Tash to go to her room. But Tash remains defiant and tells Michael she’s not going anywhere and she’s been seeing Emelia behind his back. However, after a few cross words between Michael and Emelia, Tash is thrilled when he says she can stay. Later, In Charlie’s with Chris and Andrew, Tash gets an email and quickly runs out. She’s received her mum’s death certificate which claims her mum drowned.

Toadie’s worried about Callum when he seems out of sorts. As he gets his washing out of his bag, Toadie notices his school blazer is filthy, and thinks he’s being bullied. When Lou suggests it could be because Toadie got PirateNet shut down, he feels awful, and asks Callum if he’s being bullied. Despite trying to tell him he isn’t, Toadie doesn’t listen and gives Callum a games voucher as a treat. Cashing in on his dad’s sympathy, Callum throws eggs at himself in a bid to get more treats!

Kate’s confused when she can’t find her work apron and thinks someone has been in her room, asking Lucas if it was him. When Lou mentions that Noah had been round their house, Kate rushes out and confronts Noah, who denies going into her room.