Tash discovers Andrew’s secret

Tash is confused when Andrew recovers from his fit and cancels the ambulance she’s ordered. Later, she asks Aidan for advice and realises Andrew has epilepsy. She tries to make him see sense and get treatment but Andrew pushes her away and she decides to let him get on with it. However, when she sees Paul having a go at his son for a problem in the bar, she comes to Andrew’s rescue and takes the blame for him.

Jade returns home early to spend some quality time with Kyle but he starts to realise something’s not right when she seemingly refuses to talk about LA. She eventually admits she feels bad when she has fun out there without him but Kyle reassures her that the more she tells him, the more he feels a part of it all.

And Karl is worried that Andrew hasn’t told his father about his epilepsy and, unable to break confidentiality, he tries to get Paul to take it easy on his son. But Paul doesn’t get the message and continues to pick on Andrew.