Tash drops a bombshell

Having seen Summer and Andrew kissing, Tash decides not to say anything, but instead tells Summer how grateful she is to her and Andrew for being such great friends. Alone, she begins trashing Summer’s things. When Andrew goes to see Tash, she knows he’s going to tell her their relationship is off.

However, Tash has come up with a way to prevent Andrew and Summer being together and he is stunned when she tells him that she is pregnant. Andrew doesn’t quite believe what she is telling him and so makes Tash do a pregnancy test.

When it comes back positive, Andrew heads out for a walk, instructing Tash to do a second test. She agrees, and with him gone, she draws the pink line on the test, just like she did the first one, in a bid to fake a pregnancy.

Having decided on doing a nude calendar in their bid to beat the girls, Karl ups his exercise regime. Jade’s also been for a run and when she begins stretching, Sonya notices that Toadie is checking her sister out.

But when Sonya makes herself up, Toadie fails to notice and so she goes on a shopping trip. She’s reassured when Toadie tells her that he loves her no matter what she is wearing.

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