Tash has a pregnancy check-up!

Tash is feeling stressed on the day of her check-up, saying they are all ganging up on her. When Summer starts quizzing Tash about the pregnancy, Tash lashes out at her. However, Summer becomes suspicious when Tash seems to be eating and drinking things she shouldn’t be when pregnant and asks Tash how she knows she’s actually pregnant.

Summer goes to the hospital with Tash, Michael and Andrew but Tash panics when she thinks she’ll be seen by Karl. She’s relieved when Doug says he’ll be seeing her and puts her foot down when Andrew and Michael say they’ll go in with her. In the doctor’s room, Tash says she thinks she is getting the flu, rather than admitting what’s really going on. Doug is confused when she asks for a blood test. Karl hits the roof when he catches Summer looking at Tash’s file. Having had enough, Summer tells Tash, Andrew’s only with her because she’s pregnant and then packs some things and leaves the house.

Callum is impressed when Charlie shows him his new pet lizard, Teddy, and says Toadie would never let him have a pet like that. However, later, the box the lizard was in, is empty. Toadie screams when he comes face to face with Teddy and sends Sonya in to deal with it!

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