Tash has to join in Ed’s role-play

Tash discovers Ed is into live action role-play and dresses up in Viking garb to fight against other similarly dressed friends. The only way she’ll get to talk to him is if she takes part, too! Suitably attired and armed with a sword, Tash’s competitive spirit takes over and she’s soon swinging her weapon and helping Ed win the game for his team. Later, Ed agrees to listen to the business plan and agrees to help and Tash finds herself warming to him… while wondering what her friends will say.

Summer wins the local journalism award and decides to host a celebratory dinner at home, though she feels it’s too soon to invite Andrew. He soon turns up to congratulate her, however, and inviting him seems the right thing to do. During the dinner, Andrew makes a touching toast to Summer and, when Chris and Tash head out on the town, Summer impulsively kisses him and they end up spending the night together.

Paul tries to take the credit for Summer’s award, posting a video of him presenting her with the award on the newspaper website. Susan immediately sees what he’s about and accuses him of trying to steal the editor job back, which Paul quickly denies.