Tash is furious with her friends

With the ball left in her court, Summer’s torn over whether to come clean about her cheating. Andrew tries to persuade her to keep quiet – but when Tash learns of Summer’s betrayal, it’s all too much and Summer decides it’s time to confess. With Susan’s encouragement, she turns herself in to Priya.

Chris stresses over his first date with Aidan – but quickly relaxes once he gets there. That is until a sudden phone call from Tash throws a spanner in the works and Aidan thinks he’s bailed deliberately. Tash is furious to learn Chris knew about Summer’s cheating and didn’t tell her. Poor Chris is having a terrible day… until Aidan’s understanding gives their budding romance another chance.

With Kyle’s photo, Paul tracks Erin down in a Port Douglas bar. But Erin refuses to reveal Kate’s whereabouts as she knows Kate’s trying to avoid people from home. When Paul reveals her sister’s in trouble and tightens the screws on Erin to tell him where he can find Kate, Erin caves.

Paul races to find Kate before she leaves on a cruise but arrives too late. Desperate and believing time is of the essence, Paul attempts to steal a dingy to go after her – only to end up back at the police station once more. And once again, without Kate.