Tash plans a secret makeover for Ed

Tash refuses to let Ed wear his chosen suit to the ball but doesn’t want to hurt his feelings either, so she ‘accidentally’ spills coffee on it and blames Summer. Fortunately, she has a suitable replacement which is more to her taste and feels justified in her actions when everyone complements Ed’s appearance at the university ball. But Ed soon realises what Tash has done and accuses her of being shallow. Tash starts to understand Ed’s reasoning and comes to the conclusion that they’re just too different to make their relationship work. From now on they’ll just be friends.

Andrew is dismayed to learn that Paul has hired a new bar manager for Charlie’s in his place, but fights for his job and convinces Paul to back down, though his dad will be keeping a close eye on him. Paul starts to pick on him through the evening but Chris comes to his aid, telling Paul to back off and stop taking the loss of his legal case out on Andrew.

Meanwhile, Chris asks Aidan to the ball and is disappointed when he’s turned down. However, when Aidan witnesses Chris standing up to Paul, and Andrew asks him to justify his decision to just stay friends with his ex, Aidan eventually relents and turns up at the ball… to Chris’s delight.