Tash plans to stop the house sale

Tash refuses to take her eviction from the family home lying down and decides the best plan is to make the house unsellable. However, she also realises that she’ll need the job at Charlie’s if she has to rent an apartment with Chris, and when she thinks she’s in danger of losing the trial to Kate, she decides to play dirty. Tash plants Kate’s ring in Rhys’s food and Celeste is furious, sending Kate to the kitchens for the rest of the shift.

Though she’s happy to be back at Erinsborough High, Sophie is shocked to find just how much Callum and Rani have bonded without her. Determined to regain her former status, Sophie lets Rani think that Callum fancies her, something that soon drives a wedge between them.

And dismayed at the lack of quality talent responding to his ‘Bandmates Wanted’ advert, Karl is about to give up on his quest to form a band – that is until the like-minded Adrian turns up…