Tash quizzes her aunt Emelia

Having turned up to Emelia’s shoot, Tash finally gets to meet her aunt Emelia. It’s not long before Emelia is suspicious and tells Tash she knows she’s not one of her models, because she knows them all well. Backed into a corner, but being such a natural liar, Tash manages to trick Emelia into thinking she’s just a random client who needs her hair done.

With Emelia fooled, Tash begins asking questions as to where the unusual surname comes from and if Emelia has any brothers or sisters. When Tash uses her debit card to pay, Emelia works out who she really is. Meanwhile, realising where Tash has gone, Michael calls her, not letting on that he knows, and warns her not to do anything stupid.

Toadie finally gets Kyle to spare him five minutes so he can present him and Lucas with the generous offer from the developers to sell their businesses. Naturally, Kyle isn’t keen but knowing it’s a good offer, Lou and Lucas are tempted.

Thinking Karl and Susan have sorted out their problems, Mal plans to leave Erinsborough next week. However, when Susan gets home, and drops the bombshell that her and Karl have agreed to separate, he’s devastated and decides to stay.