Tash gives Ed the agreed payment for his work on the app and starts to believe that things are getting back to normal between them. However, when Ed embarrasses her in front of their classmates at uni, she realises all is not OK.

She confronts him but soon realises that he’s refusing to forgive her betrayal and, realising she can do little to fix their friendship Tash decides to move on. But can it be as easy as that?

Under pressure to find a place to live with Vanessa, Lucas is interested to learn that the Williams place is up for sale again. He puts his best offer in but is crushed when the estate agent suggests it’s too low.

Karl, however, suggests he use his knowledge of the house’s troubled history to change the agent’s mind and is delighted when he soon hears the property is his. He surprises Vanessa with the news but is bewildered when she refuses to live there because of its connection with Troy.

And Karl is shocked when Rhys offers to do him a favour and thinks his new relationship is having a positive effect on the young doctor. However, he unwittingly fuels Vanessa’s doubts about accompanying her boyfriend to Japan.