Tash is struggling to rebuild her life following the scandal involving the photos she sent Ivan. She tries to make amends with her dad, but he isn’t interested. Wanting to talk about what happened, she decides to go public and speak out about what really happened.

When Summer turns down the chance to interview her about it on PirateNet, she approaches Paul, saying she wants to be interviewed for the Erinsborough News, but he isn’t interested either. When she realises people have moved on, and are no longer talking about her, she decides to spray paint abuse all over her own house and the street, in a bid to play the victim and lap up more attention.

At the garage, Chris’s dad, George, tells him to get out of his overalls and get home. Angry, he demands to see Michael, asking if he knows what his staff are up to. Having enough of his own problems, Michael tells Lucas to sort it out, and suggests employing Chris officially. However, when Lucas offers Chris part-time work on the condition he tells his dad, Chris turns it down.

However, he decides in order to study and work at the garage, something has to give, so he quits the basketball team, and finally stands up to his dad.