Tash struggles to deal with her burns

At the hospital, Tash is having a check-up on the wound on her neck. She pretends not to be bothered by it but, when left alone, she checks how bad it is in the mirror and looks upset. Later, Michael, worried about his daughter, asks Summer to make sure she is OK. When Summer attempts to cheer Tash up, she gets defensive and snaps at Summer. Summer walks back into Tash’s room and finds her crying.

Donna’s preparing her portfolio for her fashion course but when she shows everyone her designs, she can tell they don’t like them. When her dad arrives he can tell something is up but is thrilled when Donna tells him she is off to New York to go to design school. Needing reassurance about her designs, she asks her dad what he thinks of them and to be honest with her.

When he tells her he doesn’t like them, Donna gets upset and goes for a walk. Donna bumps into Tash who tells her to give up her dream, because there’s nothing worse than someone who won’t give up even when they don’t have any talent. This hits home with Donna and she tells them she’s not going to New York anymore.

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