Tash tries to build bridges

Troubled by the box that Callum’s aunt Robyn sent him, Toadie confides in Susan who understands Toadies fears but tells him he needs to do the right thing by Callum. Back home, Toadie shows Callum the box, but when he needs help explaining what most of the stuff is, Toadie asks Jade, instead of Sonya.

However, Jade struggles with her family history and tells Callum he needs to ask Sonya. Toadie relents and asks Sonya to talk Callum through the contents of the parcel, and as she does so, he slips out and tells Susan he is scared of losing Callum to Sonya.

Michael can see that Tash is trying to build bridges with Summer and so gives his troublesome daughter some leeway with her punishment. When she arrives at Summer’s armed with lots of photos of their friends to help decorate her new room, Summer refuses her offer but when she sees that Tash just wants to make amends, Sumer relents.

However, it’s not long before Tash stuffs up yet again, when she sticks photos of Andrew up as well. Feeling that she can do no right, Chris tells Tash that if she wants to make amends with Summer, she’s going to have to do the one thing she’ll hate most – getting Summer and Andrew back together.

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