It’s Tash’s 18th birthday and Michael makes a fuss of her, showering her with lots of gifts. However, she’s disappointed when there isn’t a card from Emelia among the pile and sends her a text, asking to see her. In Harold’s, Rhys reminds Tash that she can get her mum’s death certificate now she’s 18.

Lucas is looking forward to his date with Emelia, but she later cancels, telling him she has to work. Seeing Lucas looking deflated, Mal – buoyed up by his night with Jade – tells Lucas he needs to make the date happen, and if she can’t come to him, then he must go to her. Taking Mal’s advice, Lucas arrives at the salon with a very posh picnic! When Lucas mentions Michael, Emelia starts asking questions and is surprised to hear Lucas and Michael are friends. After her date, and after talking about families with Lucas, Emelia bites the bullet and goes to see Tash at home.

Dane asks Jade to help him put a care package together for Kyle and she reluctantly agrees. When Rhys finds out, he continues to wind her up about her feelings for Kyle, telling her he now realises her abandonment issues aren’t to do with losing her parents, but a guy. Jade storms off, he’s clearly hit a nerve.