Kate is shocked to discover Tash is planning plastic surgery, and even more so when she learns Michael knows about it. She tries to talk Tash out of it and, when that fails, pushes her to talk to Michael. But Tash instead forges ahead with her plan to raise money for the operation and sells the last gift her mother gave to her father – an album. Michael is devastated and when Tash finds out, she’s mortified.

Jade is still trying to avoid Kyle and her feelings for him. But she’s forced into close proximity to him when they both catch Sonya’s virus. Kyle asks her not to leave him alone with over-attentive Michelle but, unable to bear it, Jade escapes to her room – only to have Kyle follow her. They share stories from their past and when Kyle finally falls asleep in her bed, Jade’s feelings run even deeper for him.

Sonya devotes herself to caring for sick Callum. When he calls her Mum for the very first time, Sonya’s deeply moved and reconsiders her previous stance against having another baby. She shares her news with Toadie, who’s overjoyed and the pair agree to establish their careers first, then work towards having a baby in a few years.