Tash is really trying to make amends with Michael but he’s too busy surfing to notice. Paul bumps into Michael and relishes the chance to have a dig at him about the example a scruffy, surfing headmaster is setting to his pupils. Michael doesn’t take kindly to the input from his nemesis. Tash, worried about paying the cleaning bill, breaks down in front of Paul. He confronts Michael, who cracks and reveals the truth about the graffiti.

Sonya’s still hoping that the community garden will survive, and she continues to put as much love and effort into it as ever. But it’s bad news – the garden’s being sold. Paul thinks it makes sense, but Toadie is really disappointed. He breaks the news to Sonya, who is really upset. She knows it’s only a garden, but she finds it difficult to let go.

When she sees Paul at Harold’s, she vents her anger at the situation. Paul stands by the council’s decision – the only way the garden could have continued would be with a massive cash injection. Sonya has a brainwave and excitedly announces to Toadie she wants to buy the garden and turn it into a profitable business.