Taylor’s dad, Phil, turns up and wants to take him out for the afternoon, but Taylor gives him the brush-off. Arlo takes Taylor to his house to meet his mum, Helen, and brother, Trey. As Arlo’s dad walks in we see it’s Phil.

Danny pursues Jacqui and she seems to be enjoying the chase. Cheryl discovers that Jacqui and Rhys have split up, but it’s clear things aren’t over. Jacqui reveals to Carmel that she’ll be going out with Danny.

Cheryl tells Ste that Macca is Brendan’s wife’s nephew – so he’s family. Explaining that Brendan and his wife split up due to her infidelity, this is news to Macca. Ste twigs that Brendan’s violent rage was caused by a phone call from Macca, but keeps quiet as Macca persuades Cheryl to give him a job and later Ste offers him a place to stay.

Also, Leanne and Elliot hear that Steph’s secret weapon is Carmel and her make-up bag. Tom gives Gilly some career advice and says that he wants to get good qualifications so that Steph will be proud of him. When Steph checks up on Gilly’s career aspirations, Tom covers for him. Gilly’s perplexed until Tom says he’s keeping Steph happy for the little time they have left.

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