Taylor, Amber and Gabby are oblivious to Tony’s financial worries as he prepares for his re-launch of Gnosh on Bonfire Night. Taylor’s furious that his father would protect his second family over them. While a rejected Amber’s stuck at home with Amy, Taylor goes to his dad’s second family’s house to tell them the truth about Phil.

Ste’s shocked to learn that Amy found Brendan in the house holding baby Lucas. Brendan’s frustrated when he can’t get hold of Ste and realises Amy must have told him about yesterday. He threatens her, and poor Amy’s left terrified. Brendan tracks down Ste but struggles to convince him he didn’t mean any harm and Brendan shows how far he will go to win Ste over.

It’s the big opening of The Dog after Alphonse’s refurbishment, and Duncan and Seth have their hearts set on some celebrity spotting. Seth resents being ordered around by his lying father when he and Duncan get forced to be waiters for the evening. Seth winds up Duncan into thinking Alphonse fancies him, leading Duncan to get into an awkward situation.

Also; Seth confides in Duncan about seeing Nathan die, and the two are bonded again as there’s a distant bang.

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