Gabby and Tony hear from Taylor that the police have been on the phone to ask Gabby to collect Phil from the station, having been picked up for drink driving. Gabby refuses to go, but when Amber threatens to go herself, she’s left with no choice. As they wait for her to return, Taylor blows the huge secret that Phil has another wife and family.

Cheryl’s in the party mood, hoping to have a birthday to remember. Steph, Amy and Lee settle down in their judges’ seats to select the extras for the film, but when Cheryl sees her party guests leaving having not made the cut, she’s outraged. Cheryl seeks out Steph, and they share a tender moment as Steph admits she doesn’t want anyone to see the film until she’s gone.

Jasmine fills Anita in and reveals that she needs cash to stop Fern blowing her secret. But Anita can’t help, so Jasmine realises she’s going to have to resort to stealing from her family. She sneaks into The Dog and takes some cash from the till.

Also; Rhys is hopeful when he hears that Jacqui’s free to see other people. And when birthday girl Cheryl surprises Rhys by kissing him, it’s clear that Jacqui’s put out; Amy and Lee get closer.

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