Taylor takes a shocked Amber over to Phil’s house, and standing in front of her dad’s second family home, she breaks down. Back at school, Finn tells Amber that he covered for her in class; she’s touched and kisses him, insisting they go back to his house together. Amber propositions a bewildered Finn, and as she climbs out of his bed, she swears him to secrecy.

Lee is devastated when he reads Nancy’s scathing review of his play. Later, at the Gnosh SU event, he’s horrified to see Kevin sitting with Nancy and heads over to her table for a confrontation. Lee finally slopes off, leaving Nancy to consider whether to give Tony a similar review for Il Gnosh.

Jack reveals Carl’s plans for a poker night and invites Brendan along, to Carl’s annoyance. Ste tells Brendan that tonight’s the night with Rae, but Brendan proposes he comes to the poker night to run the bar for some extra cash and Ste agrees. Brendan instructs Ste to help him cheat and savours the moment, revealing his winning hand. But Carl’s onto him and orders him to fix it so that Jack wins.

Also, Leanne tells Rae that Ste’s got kids and was in love with Amy; Brendan’s dismissive when Ste asks about Macca.

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