Taylor is shocked to learn that Gabby is still considering moving out of Tony’s. Amber, however, is thrilled to learn that she’ll finally be returning home. Taylor goes to see Tony and insists that they tell Gabby the truth. Taylor drops the bombshell of Phil’s double life, leaving Gabby speechless.

In bed with Ste, Brendan panics as he’s woken by Cheryl. He hugs her close and signals for Ste to slip out the door. Amy tries to dig the dirt on Ste’s romance, but he’s vague. She guesses that his secret lover is Rae, but later he takes a deep breath and tells Amy that he’s seeing a man.

Leanne’s not interested in hearing Lee’s excuses and later asks Ste to tell Amy that the fight is on. As a last ditch attempt to rescue their relationship, he offers her a sincere apology. Certain that it hasn’t worked, he assumes the wedding’s off, but is completely taken back when Leanne reveals the wedding is in three weeks’ time. Lee’s backed into a corner as Leanne tells him they that Amy’s out of the picture for good.

Also; Carl, Riley, Seth and now Jasmine are all off the radar, Heidi’s convinced something serious has happened and blames Jem.

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