Sinead comes to Alya’s rescue, making out the pregnancy test was hers. Later, the stress gets too much for Alya as she, Gary, Yasmeen, Sharif and Anna discuss wedding plans. Sinead finds Alya in tears and she breaks down, confessing she had sex with Jason.

Tyrone shows Cathy how they’ve boxed up all her junk so she can decide what to dump and what to keep. Cathy’s touched, revealing how after Alan’s death, hoarding junk gave her comfort. Later in the cafe, Cathy admits to Roy that she’s scared that the longer she stays in the house, the worse she’ll become. Sympathetic, Roy makes her an offer.

Kylie arrives home with Max and Lily and explains to Gail that David is spending a few days alone with his dad as Max’s continual references to Callum were getting him down.

Under pressure from Michael, Eileen begrudgingly agrees that if the customer returns looking for her bracelet, she’ll hand it over. Sarah cancels her date with Callum and persuades Bethany to join her at the chippy.