A tearful Linda Carter turns to Sharon

Not knowing what to do about her marriage, Linda asks Sharon for advice

Mick tries to make things right with Linda by surprising her with a thoughtful present, but he’s taken aback by her reaction. Unable to get past what’s happened, a tearful Linda confides in Sharon. Can she help the couple out?

Ian is heartbroken after Steven’s revelation, telling Jane he can’t lose another child. Refusing to give up on him, Jane does some research and tells Steven about some alternative treatment available in the US. Stressed by their concern, Steven snaps and says he doesn’t want to be given false hope. Later, when Steven and Ian are out, Jane makes a shock discovery…

Billy is concerned about Jay’s recent moody behaviour, sharing his worries with Honey. Trying to find out what’s wrong, he gently questions Jay. Billy is shocked when Jay tells him about Phil’s revelation.

Also, Michelle has a date with Tom.