There’s plenty of puerile fun on offer in this inevitable sequel to the 2012 hit, which sees the return of Mark Wahlberg and his living teddy bear pal (voiced by director Seth MacFarlane).

The foul-mouthed Ted is now married to his brassy sweetheart (Jessica Barth), but a year after their nuptials the relationship is on the rocks.

In a half-baked bid to save the marriage, the couple try to adopt a baby, only for the authorities to step in and declare that Ted is ‘property’, not a person.

This leaves Ted jobless and his marriage annulled, so he and Wahlberg seek help from Amanda Seyfried’s pot-smoking rookie lawyer to challenge the decision in court.

The legal wrangles that ensue are absurd, outrageous and surprisingly engaging. Along the way, MacFarlane and co make some socially progressive points – about civil rights and gay marriage, for example – but make sure to do so in the most shamelessly offensive manner possible.

They also deliver a blizzard of gags and, though some jokes are definitely hit and miss, the gag likening Seyfried’s character to The Lord of the Rings’ Gollum is priceless.