EastEnders Spoilers: A grieving Ted Murray appreciates Bernadette’s support

Bernadette Taylor keeps an eye on a grieving Ted Murray, Hunter Owen defies mum Mel Owen, and Kat Moon comes up with a new moneymaking idea.

Bernadette checks in on Ted, worried about how he’s coping. When Ted clearly hasn’t been able to make a start on the formalities of registering Joyce’s death and arranging the funeral, Bernadette offers to help. Ted confesses that he hasn’t been able to bring himself to contact their children to break the news and Bernadette encourages him to pluck up the courage.

Sharon is keen to get things back on track with Phil and arranges a family meal. Meanwhile, Mel warns Hunter to stay away from Phil but he defies her to join Louise at the Mitchell family lunch. Much to everyone’s surprise, Phil and Hunter seem to click. Furious when she realises that Hunter has gone to the Mitchells’, Mel storms over to drag him home. But a tipsy Sharon doesn’t take well to Mel’s interruption and the ladies are soon fighting!

Also, Kat and the Slaters are still struggling for cash and are finding it difficult to come up with an appropriate way to resolve the situation. Kat, however, has a sudden brainwave and puts an idea to the family. She suggests that they start a cleaning business and swears it will soon get the money rolling in!