Joyce and Ted Murray have been burgled!

Joyce and Ted Murray lay the blame on Keanu when their flat is turned over.

Joyce and Ted Murray are horrified when they get back to their flat to discover that they’ve been burgled. Sure that the Taylors must be behind it, when Ted is questioned by the police he points the finger at them. When Keanu finds out, he furiously bursts into the Murrays to confront them. Will the situation get nasty?

Karen feels out of place at Ladies’ Night at the Vic. Feeling a grudging sympathy for Karen, Denise decides to put the past behind them and she offers Karen an olive branch. The night goes well and the ladies get into the spirit of things, but the evening soon takes a turn for the worse for Linda…

Michelle has softened over Tom and when he buys her a drink at the Ladies Night, she goes in for a kiss in front of everyone! Also, Abi is caught by Steven in an embarrassing situation.