This irreverent, crass and often hilarious buddy comedy stars Mark Wahlberg as a Boston slacker, whose best friend is his stuffed teddy bear (brilliantly voiced by director Seth MacFarlane).

The walking, talking soft toy was magically brought to life by a childhood wish back in 1985 – and Ted became a worldwide media sensation. But now he’s a tatty, foul-mouthed and cynical has-been.

He and Wahlberg are still inseparable companions, although now they spend their time smoking dope, drinking beer and generally messing about. Meanwhile, Mila Kunis, as Wahlberg’s long-suffering girlfriend, just wants him to grow up.

Nimbly brought to life by means of computer animation, Ted is both crass and endearing – scurrilous, boorish and decidedly politically incorrect, yet somehow also sweet.

It’s an occasionally uneven film and the plot runs out of steam a little towards the end, but there are many moments of real comedy genius to enjoy along the way.