Tegan bumps into Dennis

Tegan and Dennis are surprised when they bump into each other in the village. Leela invites Dennis round for tea and introduces him to his baby daughter, Rose… Tegan and Dennis reassure the Lomax’s that they never slept together but they did work together in a sex-chat call centre.

Trevor fears for his life when Fraser catches up with him and promises his boss he’ll do anything to make it up to him. Grace is distraught when she sees Trevor and Mercedes together again, while Fraser is delighted that Trevor is back on side. Grace throws Mercedes out of the club and is shell-shocked when Mercy all but confesses that she was responsible for Clare’s death. Cindy drags Mercedes away and acts as a shoulder to cry on. But when Mercy tells her she isn’t sorry for hiring Trevor to spook her, Cindy flushes Browning’s ashes down the toilet! Meanwhile, Grace tricks Mercedes into coming to the club as she waits armed with a baseball bat.

Tom is making head-way with his escape and when he finally makes the hole in the wall big enough to fit through, he sprints away from the house, but trips and lands at Patrick’s feet. Sienna is fraught when she finds the basement empty except for Patrick. Patrick tells his daughter they need to phone the police and she agrees, before knocking him over the head with an ornament.

Tilly confronts Chloe and is surprised when the newcomer reveals it’s her she fancies not Esther. Tilly is nervous after what happened between her and Chloe last night – it can never happen again.