Tegan makes a move

Charlie is beyond comforting after finding Tegan and Brax together in his motel room. She accuses him of lying about his ‘love’ for her and can’t believe he’s moved on so fast! When Casey confronts Brax about Tegan, Brax implies it’s to get Charlie and Ruby away from the firestorm with Jake’s gang. But when Tegan makes another move on Brax, he makes a decision – it’s over between him and Tegan.

Heath finds out Liam is still testifying against him on the drugs charges and goes to Brax for help. When Brax tells him he will most likely be doing some time, Heath does a runner with some of Jake’s hidden pills. But on his way out of town, he is caught by Charlie.

Sid wants to take Roo on a romantic cruise – enlisting the services of Romeo and the Blaxland boat. After a talk with Alf, Romeo invites Indi to try and make it up with Roo. Indi agrees to work on the cruise to help out Romeo, but when they set sail it is obvious she is struggling to be polite. Everything starts to go wrong when Indi spills champagne over Roo, the dinghy floats away and the engine dies. Then a storm breaks out!