Peri’s annoyed when Tegan and Courtney invite themselves along to the cabin. Peri tells her mum that she’ll follow on later with everyone, allowing Leela and Cameron some alone time. Leela arrives at the cabin, where she’s surprised to see Cameron waiting for her.

Tegan, Courtney and Peri arrive at the cabin and Peri’s phone falls into the lake. As Tegan scrambles to get it, a piece of rope emerges leading to a dead body…

Meanwhile, Ste’s enraged when Ryan tells him Leah and Lucas don’t want to see him. Ste’s mood lightens, though, when Warren surprises him with an old van he can use for his mobile tanning business.

Also, when Nathan tells Lisa to go to the hotel he’s booked for her birthday, on her own, Lisa decides to have fun with Mac!