Tegan oversteps the mark at the hospital!

Ste tries to call Tegan when Rose’s breathing becomes erratic. Tegan rushes to the hospital and, when no one else is available, Tegan starts Rose’s blood transfusion herself even though she’s off-duty. Celine and Kim stop her before anyone sees, but Dr S’avage asks questions when the procedure doesn’t go to plan. Rose is fine – but will Tegan let Celine take the blame?

Meanwhile, the police arrive at the Roscoes and Freddie tells them he’s going away for a couple of nights to see his married girlfriend. Still convinced that Freddie is the murderer, DS Thorpe follows him – but will he uncover more than he bargained for?

Elsewhere, Sinead supports Tony at the hospital for his cancer results – and there’s cause for celebration as Tony gets the all-clear.