Tegan, who’s the daddy?

Casey tries to tell Brax the truth about Darcy, but Brax isn’t listening. Casey opens up to Ruby about Tegan’s lie and she is adamant that he needs to tell Brax everything, which he eventually does. Brax confronts Tegan and she breaks the devastating news that Heath is actually the father! Brax gives Darcy a present and tells her that he isn’t her dad. Charlie is happy to hear the news about Darcy and comforts Brax.

Kelly is struggling with the pressure and decides that she is going to return to the farm. John comforts a broken-hearted Xavier and assures him he’s doing the right thing by letting her go. She’s only a bus journey away. But Xavier takes this advice a bit too literally – Gina and John find a note telling them he’s left home to follow Kelly.

Miles tries to organise a surprise date with Leah but she reschedules it to brunch. Then when Miles goes to collect her, she’s working an extra shift. He won’t take no for an answer, though, and whisks her to the pier where he proposes. Leah says no. Miles is devastated but Leah tells him she doesn’t want to rush things and they should move in together first.