Tell Brenda the truth! Harriet has words with love-cheat Bob

Harriet finds out about Bob's fling with Laurel and urges him to tell Brenda

Under pressure from suspicious Harriet, guilt-ridden Laurel finally blows the lid on her love-cheat secret and spills the beans about her romp with Bob. The vicar reels as Laurel adds that she now has feelings for the cafe owner. Later, Harriet confronts Bob urging him to decide what he wants to do and above all else, to tell betrayed Brenda…

An elderly lady, Maisie (played by Wendy Craig), turns up and heads straight for Mulberry Cottage. Who and what has bought her to the village?

With Rebecca still recovering from the accident, Rob is struggling with looking after their baby son Seb but tells Aaron he’s determined to be a good dad.