Tempers flare at the Freshers’ Ball

Justin is encouraged when Danny convinces him that the Freshers’ Ball is the perfect chance to win Katy back, but his confidence takes a knock when he sees Katy heading to the ball with another man. Determined, Justin pleads with Katy to forgive him. Will Katy give in?

Nancy persuades a reluctant Jake to go with her to the Freshers’ Ball. However, a few drinks into the evening, she gets increasingly argumentative, not helped by her antipathy towards Justin, and Jake has to step in to stop her from confronting him.

Later, a drunken Nancy marches over to John-Paul and lays into him for breaking her friend’s heart. Justin reluctantly intervenes, but as he pulls John-Paul away from the fracas, Katy sees the commotion and gets the wrong end of the stick.

There’s tension between Jessica and Zoe after Jessica stole Zoe’s money. Jessica is attempting to deal with not having a new dress for the ball, when Zoe reveals the designer dress Darren has bought for her. Darren is in his element when they arrive at the ball but Jessica and Zoe continue to snipe at each other.

Increasingly drunk, Jessica turns to Zak for a shoulder to cry on, and things come to a head when Jessica ‘accidentally’ ruins Zoe’s dress.