Tension builds between the Sharmas at the hospital

*First episode*

The Sharma family reels as doctors confirm Rishi has, indeed, had a minor heart attack. But Charity’s not too bothered by the diagnosis. All she wants to know about is what is going on between Jai, Rishi, Sam and Rachel – and she is not going to rest until she’s been told the grisly truth.

There’s shock for David, too, as Alicia suggests Priya is still pregnant. Confronting his ex, the shopkeeper is thrilled to learn Priya’s kept the baby. Letting her guard down, the barmaid allows David to comfort her as she collapses in tears in his arms, admitting she doesn’t know what to do next. Heartbroken over her very recent split with David, Priya’s not sure she can cope with being a single mum while he shacks up with Alicia.

Still secretly escorting despite his relationship with Georgia, Rodney’s offered a whopping sum to sleep with Veronica. Elsewhere, Ashley hears he’s got an interview for the vicar’s job.