The tension mounts on Family Feud

Can the Cannings stop arguing long enough to compete in Family Feud?

Survey says… it’s time for Family Feud! Reeling from the news Gary’s mystery woman is Terese, the Cannings are bickering among themselves as host Grant Denyer introduces them to the rest of Australia. This can’t end well…

Amy is chuffed when she spots David in the Family Feud audience. Not only has he come to see her, but it appears he’s sent her flowers and a card with a special inscription. Spurred on by Xanthe and Sheila, she decides to be honest about her feelings for him. But does he feel the same?

Also, Jack confesses to Simone that he broke his vows and slept with Paige. Much to Paige’s frustration, Simone gives Jack some tough love….