Tension rises between Karen and Rob!

The atmosphere can be cut with a knife between Karen and Rob at breakfast. Karen arrives at work feeling nauseous, and a screaming baby almost prompts her to have a panic attack. Zara asks Karen how things went, not good is the verdict but Karen nervously says that they’ll work it out.

That evening, Rob returns home and apologises for suggesting Karen had been unfaithful; they admit to each other how much the whole thing has thrown them and they’ll get through it. All is going well until it’s clear that Rob has assumed Karen will have an abortion. Karen is furious at his assumption but Rob argues that a baby just isn’t practical; everything he says winds Karen up even further until they are in the middle of a full blown row.

Karen orders Rob out of the house, with nowhere to go he ends up at Jack’s halls of residence asking his son if he can stay the night.

Also, Mrs Tembe and Heston have to deal with Joshua who once again arrives at the Campus claiming to be ill, while Jimmi continues to mope about despite speaking to Cherry over Skype.

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