Tensions are at an all time high at the Ashworths, with Josh and Hannah fed up of listening to the continuous arguments between their parents. Things erupt between the kids too when Josh rips into Rhys for his vicious comments to Neville the night before.

Aggrieved, Rhys tells a shocked Suzanne that it was Josh who attacked Mike Barnes. She’s furious but her initial anger soon subsides and she reassures her son that they’ll get through this together.

Darren is attacked in the village as he goes to the bank with the pub’s takings. Luckily Zak comes to his rescue and fends the attackers off. A grateful Darren repays Zak by plying him with free drinks all night, and the pair try unsuccessfully to chat up a couple of women. But Darren is dismayed when Zak reveals he’s also romantically interested in Zoe.

Jake is secretly pleased when Nancy reveals that her date with Zak didn’t go too well, As they sit down to a candlelit dinner together, they’re interrupted by Steph, making an excuse that she’s come to see baby Charlie. But she’s really there to keep an eye on Nancy and Jake.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday July 10*