Tensions rise between Karl and Susan

With Jim’s deteriorating health, it’s evident he has a matter of days to live. Wanting to fulfil his final wish of going to visit his childhood home, Susan attempts to sneak him out of the hospital. But her plans are thwarted when Karl catches her and orders Jim to be brought back inside.

Karl tries to save what’s left of their marriage, but this proves difficult as Susan continues to devote all her time to Jim. Tensions are rising by the day, as Karl and Susan grow further apart. But amidst their bickering, little do they know that Jim has taken a turn for the worse…

Michelle doesn’t take well to being dumped by Lucas and is reduced to hysterics, much to the dismay of Jade and Kyle. After confronting Lucas, Jade demands he try and amend the situation but he refuses to go anywhere near her. With Jade and Kyle wanting to kick Michelle out the share-house, the break-up has come at an inconvenient time.

But the pair let her grieve and sure enough, she springs back to her usual self. Thinking they can approach the sensitive subject of her moving out, they’re surprised to discover she’s going nowhere.