Teresa takes drastic action

Jerry thinks Teresa is frightened of being on her own and suggests she moves into a flat belonging to a mate of his to make her feel safer. Teresa makes excuses to avoid viewing the flat but Jerry won’t listen. Teresa is hurt when she overhears a conversation between Jerry and Darryl about her moving out. Later, when she is cooking dinner she takes drastic action to ensure she’s needed in the Morton house and grinds one of Jerry’s pills into his meal…

Audrey tells Gail that she and Bill have split up and Ted offers to stay with Audrey to keep her company. Bill is not willing to give in so easily and tells Janice that he wants Audrey back. Later as Audrey and Ted relax in each other’s company Audrey confides in him that she is looking for a soulmate and Bill isn’t it.

David continues his plan to be the perfect boyfriend and buys Tina some gig tickets for a band that she mentioned in her emails. Darryl thinks he may have gone too far.

Also, Kevin accuses Rosie of doing Tony’s dirty work when she explains to him why there is a van parked across his forecourt; Dev feels stuck between Prem and Nina.