Terese looks for alternative medical treatment

Will Terese find a cure for her cancer?

Gary is concerned about Terese’s chemotherapy treatment and gets advice from Sheila as she’s survived breast cancer. When Gary tries to have a discussion with Terese about her chemo, she snaps. Later, Terese turns to Paul, who defends Gary and his concerns. Terese apologises and asks Gary to explore alternative forms of medical treatment – but will Gary’s good intentions lead to further heartbreak for Terese?

After unleashing a verbal tirade against mum Fay, Aaron turns to David for support. Aaron explains he feels resentful for Fay leaving when he was a teenager. David encourages Aaron to talk to his mum and to get things off his chest. Aaron’s up for the idea and asks David to come with him – an invitation David accepts. Aaron and Fay manage to have a heart to heart and Fay seems to love David. Afterwards, Aaron and David spend some time alone and Aaron blurts out the ‘L’ word to David. How will David react?