Terese catches up with an old flame

A weary Terese is gutted to learn that Paul’s organised a short-notice conference, but is shocked when she runs into her old flame, Ezra, there. Later, Brad spots them together and despite her protests that nothing’s going on, he won’t believe her. Frustrated, Terese seeks out Ezra and asks if he’d like to have a drink.

Enjoying some father/daughter time with Brad, Paige is invited by Brennan to Sonya’s cheer-up high tea… where she witnesses Rain helping Brennan to realise that he has to live with his grief. It’s an intimate moment, and when angry Paige vents to Brad he helps her calm down. She then flat-out asks Brennan if there’s any hope for them and when he says no, she’s devastated.

Sonya is beginning to come out of her shell after the child protection issue and when she is drawn to Rain’s powerful drumming, she joins in.