Terese confides in Paul

At the hotel, Terese throws herself into work, but Paul encourages her to open up. Later that evening, Paul convinces Terese not to run home at the first sign of loneliness and she finds herself tempted by his offer of wine and good company.

Brad is forced to admit his infidelity to Doug, who asks Brad to be honest with himself – does he want to be with Lauren? Meanwhile, Imogen and Josh struggle to make sense of their parents’ separation. Imogen blames Paige, who is devastated, believing she is the cause of all Brad and Terese’s marriage problems.

Susan is infuriated by Karl’s pig sculpture and complains to Nate and Chris. Later, when Karl finds Elvis is missing, the pair admit to Susan they’ve pranked Karl. Karl discovers Elvis in Lassiters Complex and takes him home. Later, Nate points out it’s the first time Chris has really smiled since his accident but when he invites Nate to stay the night, Nate declines.