Terese rushes to Piper’s side when she finds out that Piper has had a breakdown. Piper is beside herself and says that the Brennan brothers should never have sold Tyler’s chair. Aaron is concerned for Piper and calls David over, who tries to convince Piper to undergo therapy and take medication to get back on track, but she refuses. Desperate, Terese reaches out to Steph. Can Steph get Piper the help she needs?

Gary can’t stand Paul and Terese’s constant fighting as, to him, it’s borderline flirting. Steph suggests that Terese pulls out as a shareholder of Lassiters and it is an idea that is music to Gary’s ears. Can Gary convince Terese to leave the hotel behind and is Paul making a play for Terse again?

Between the MRI campaign and his medication, Karl is exhausted. With Karl being so tired all the time, Susan is starting to feel rejected. After talking to Elly, Susan decides to give her all and support Karl’s passion for his campaign, but will they be able to raise the money needed to get the project off the ground?

Also, Aaron and David decide to be friends and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of reconciliation. However, David decides to buy Tyler’s chair, could David be trying to tell Aaron he still loves him?